CAN GEYRAN (1986-2007)
As the only son of Pakize and Kemal Geyran,  CAN GEYRAN was a loving  and caring person, who was admired for his maturity and throughtfullnes among his friends and family members.  He was also a fun loving person who enjoyed life and the company of his friends.  He was a big fan of Galatasaray football team and rarely missed a game. He was an active sportsmen, playing basketball at the"Future Stars Basketball School" since he was seven. He later became the captain of his high school basketball team.

CAN attended Moda Primary School and TED High School in Istanbul . He was a junior, pursuing an Economics degree at the Virginia Tech University in the U.S. He passed away unexpectedly at the age of 21 while playing paintball with his friends.
The "Seashell Center" is dedicated to Can by his loving family and friends.

Born in Istanbul at 1954, he attended Saint-Joseph French High School and received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Bosphorus University in Istanbul. Until his retirement he worked as a managing director  in the  printing ink sector. Between 2000- 2005 he worked on aquaculture and landscaping. Being influenced by his father's underwater interest, he started collecting seashells about 50 years ago. In time, he exchanged and bought seashells from all over the world to enrich his collection and started to classify them scientifically. Today he has a collection of more than 1000 species and a library with more than 2000 publications. Observing the lack of a comprehensive natural history museum in Turkey, he started preliminary  studies  of the seashell center  in 2005, founding the CAN GEYRAN SEASHELL CENTER in September  2008.

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