Als eerste buitenlandse ben. Ik verbaasd dat ik dit hier ben tegen gekomen met veel plezier was ik hier hanwezig.
MLO.A Bakker              Anna den Haag

Kemal, I think you have made a wonderful job of the Shell Museum, causing the full plethora of the hobby. Many thanks for you time and attention.
most interesting visit and well worth the ride in a dolmu$!
Cavin Thompson            19 September 2009

Overido Kemal,
El amor y la dedicacidu que has questo eu este musea tau maravilloso, son fiel reflejo de cvaiuto amaste y amarassiempre a tu hijo.
Re alegro profundamento de poder campartir esta aventura cautigo y te deseo de corazain muchisima suerte can el proyecto y miles de alegrias.
Un abrazo gigante
Maria                                       13.01.2009

This is a wonderful tribute to Can and to seashell lovers all over the world. It makes me want to inspect seashells more closely and try to understand their life. I'll be thinking of Can, Kemal and this museum when I am at the seaside next.

Lale Iskarpatyoti                         July 2 , 2010
What a wonderful center. I learned so much and enjoyed the wide variety of knowledge shared in relation to seashells. Wonderful to have such a place,

Elspeth Slayter and Murat Recevik
Dear Can,
This is Robert, your tall Dutch friend from VirginiaTech.
Unfortunately we have known each other too short but always
had a great time.....
You always had a friendly smile and time for a soccer
you were much too quick for me!
God Bless You.
You may not be with us in person, but in spirit you still are
always will be.
The beautiful museum that your parents created is just one proof of that.
One day we'll meet again.
Robert Krabbendam
On the 13 th of June 2012

My dear friend,

Your Shell Center / Museum ...
is made ( simply) of love...
and for that ... it has absolutely
... be a perfect place from the beginning.

To be sure, God see it, and as well,
your beloved " son " , must have been ...
very proud of this valuable " father "
because what he has done up to date,
is simply for all others, not for himself !
Love & Respect is from me to you !

Jom Patamakanthin
" a Son of another father "

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